Reference Wastewater Disposal:

Main Wastewater Treatment Plant, Mongolia

Client: BMBF, Federal Ministry of Education
and Research, Germany
Period: 2010 – 2018

Project description

Integrated Water Resources Management in Central Asia: test area Darkhan, Mongolia (MoMo)

  • Phase II: Implementation of IWRM elements in Kharaa’s catchment area
  • Topic modules “integral wastewater management”
  • Transfer of scientific-technical solutions of the test and pilot phase
  • Identification of industrial wastewater Producers including wastewater analysis
  • Identification of wastewater treatment options for selected key industries
  • Analysis and evaluation of the collected information and it’s impact on the planned central sewage treatment plant

Our Services

  • Design and supervision of the pilot wastewater treatment plant for the central wastewater treatment plant of Darkhan
  • Support for the introduction of German standards and established treatment procedures for the pre-treatment of industrial wastewater
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