for Water and Environment.

p2m berlin GmbH is a consulting and engineering company which offers expert services in the water and wastewater sector, covering all project stages from feasibility study over design to construction supervision.
Within their projects, p2mberlin implements the engineering and economic knowledge of 150 years in water supply and sanitation operation in Berlin of the entire Berlinwasser Holding, and therefore offers appropriate solutions to national and international markets.
Our core competences comprise engineering and consulting services, project management including financial, time and quality management, design, tendering, site supervision and commissioning of infrastructure as well as training and technical advice on operation and maintenance.
As an independent engineering service provider with no obligations towards manufacturers, p2mberlin is a reliable and responsible partner who gives priority to clients’ interests.
Our multi-national staff consists of experts from a wide range of technical disciplines, including Water and Wastewater Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Process Engineers, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Structural Engineers, HVAC Engineers, CAD and GIS Experts, and Project Management Experts.

We offer expertise in the fields of

  • Water and Wastewater Engineering
    The technical know-how and state-of-the-art technological standards to develop best practice solutions in drinking water supply and wastewater management
  • Environmental Engineering
    The engineering expertise and many years of experience to realise building construction, architecture and infrastructure measures
  • Project Management
    The tools to ensure a customised and optimised project process that meets all deadlines and financial requirements of clients


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