environmentally sound
collection, treatment and management

Stormwater is a valuable natural resource. Its environmentally friendly handling has become more and more important during the last years. Consequently, we consider our task in providing an ecologically and economically suitable management of stormwater for our clients.

Reduction of stormwater run-off and source control

  • Unsealing of sealed surfaces
  • Water-permeable pavements
  • Roof greening

Stormwater Percolation

  • Surface percolation
  • Infiltration swales
  • Infiltration trenches
  • Swale-trench infiltration systems
  • Soakaways

Stormwater Management

  • Retention basins
  • Treatment basins for clarification
  • Soil filter systems
  • Overflow spillways
  • Sewer with storage capacity and overflow


Ms. Martina Mudra