Reference Wastewater Disposal:

Wastewater Treatment Plant Kostolac, Serbia

Client: EU
Ministry of Finance, Serbia
Period: since 2017

Project Description

Upgrade the environmental infrastructure through investment into industrial wastewater treatment by reducing harmful substance emissions discharged to the river Danube. The thermal power plant (TPP) Kostolac is one of those industries currently discharging untreated wastewater directly to the river.

  • Treatment of approx. 480 m³/d high strength oily and HFO polluted wastewater (two process lines with a capacity of 30 m³/h each)
  • Treatment of hydro cyclones overflow from FGD plants (two process lines with a capacity of 45 m³/h each)
  • Design and construction of all necessary pipes, channels, pumping stations, oil separators etc.

Our Services

  • Construction Supervision and Commissioning
  • Client Engineer: Technical support and assistance to the client in contract negotiations
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