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Reference Sewer Systems:

Main Sewerage Transfer System for Odessa, Ukraine

Client: World Bank / Agency for Development Programs of Odessa
Period: 2012 – 2015

Project description

Rehabilitation and construction of Main Sewerage Transfer System for Southern Sewer Catch Basin of Odessa

  • Construction of 2 new deep sewerage pumping stations: 2,8 m³/s and 4,2 m³/s
  • Construction of pressure main with inner diameter 1000 mm, length 3 km
  • Completion and rehabilitation of deep tunnel sewer section with inner diameter 1800 mm, length 1.7 km, depth 30 m

Our Services

  • Bid evaluation
  • Assistance in contract negotiation
  • Review of DB-Contractors’ design documents
  • Site Supervision
  • Taking-Over and Commissioning
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